• Debbie D. – On-Premise Director

    Tom offers outstanding advice on how to strategically obtain a career in the adult beverage industry. His insights, focused on building a resume highlighting skills particularly pertinent to the adult beverage industry are extremely valuable.

    Most importantly, in this highly competitive field I found Tom's genuine concern for my success to be rare which sets him apart from others in the industry.

  • Rick P. – National and Regional Account Management

    Recently, Tom contacted me regarding my experience within the CPG industry and provided a thorough analysis of my current and prior work history. He consulted with me on how to communicate my strengths in a structured format, provided insights and guidance that were specific to the CPG industry, and identified how to communicate my experience so that I highlight my achievements in a concise format. I was impressed with Tom's knowledge of the CPG industry, his professional approach to the career search process, and his overall personality. It has been a pleasure working with Tom and I look forward to working with Tom in the future.

  • Mark N. – National Chain Executive, Strategic Key Accounts

    Tom has been extremely helpful in providing guidance and insights into building an impactful and professional resume. I reached out to Tom during my recent job search and he promptly responded and immediately offered his assistance and expertise and positive attitude... much of it unsolicited but certainly appreciated!

    I would recommend Tom and his services for anyone in a professional job search or resume-polishing mode!  BRAVO ZULU, Tom!

  • Christin G. – Field Brand Manager

    Tom provided great insights regarding resume building along with on point "what not to do" advice when searching for a new career.

    My experience with Tom proved he is very interested in helping people succeed. He takes a genuine interest in those he works with. His response time is very timely. Tom is knowledgeable and will share his tips and tricks to ensure success.

    Reach out to Tom and you won't be disappointed.

  • Ian J. – National Sales Director

    Recently, Tom and I connected to discuss job search coaching and shared networking capabilities. We also took the time to review and conduct an overall update of my resume. Tom has been extremely helpful and has made my resume a game changer. He has provided me with a tremendous amount of guidance and gainful insights to my job search tactics and strategies. I find his approach to be effectively productive. Tom has the unique ability to identify key focus areas of development, and always has an action plan for clear and honest solutions.

    Tom tirelessly reviewed my experience and has assisted me in many ways, with his detailed attention to my objectives, and I know it will be appreciated for many years. He is always ready to offer assistance, and his level of expertise provides me with great confidence.

    I would highly recommend Tom for his painstaking effort and his thoughtful awareness for detailed discussions, and pointed solutions to all areas of professional career planning. I find his approach to be profoundly effective, and I certainly look forward to our long-standing relationship.

  • Kerry F. – VP Sales and Marketing

    I have found Tom to be a very knowledgeable recruiter. He understands today's career challenges and has developed a keen sense for how candidates can present themselves to potential employers in the best possible light. He is a real "career coach" who passionately promotes his clients.

  • Rob N. – Area Sales Manager

    I have known Tom over the years not only as an expert in the knowledge of the adult beverage industry but also as an expert on directing career building advice for those seeking advancement and job enrichment. A true professional in his field.

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