• We are not a resume factory that cranks out generic looking resumes based on simplistic templates.  We don’t claim to be the best at writing resumes for all jobs and all people.  We are highly focused and our expertise is in the Adult Beverage industry.  We deliver customized results and we work very closely with all of our clients.  This means that our capacity is limited and we only work with a few select clients at a time.  When you work with Handcrafted Resumes LLC you not only get polished, professional and effective resumes and other documents, you get the benefit of 30 years of Adult Beverage experience, 10 years of Adult Beverage recruiting and the insights gained from having over 3900 LinkedIn connections within the industry.  This insider knowledge and experience can give you the competitive edge.
  • We have the following objectives for every resume writing project that we work on:
    • A resume that is focused and clearly communicates the value that the candidate brings to the desired position; resumes that answer the question “Why does the employer need you?”
    • A resume that highlights accomplishments and results rather than tasks and responsibilities
    • A tight and distinctive writing style to capture and maintain reader interest
    • A resume design that is attractive, interesting and easy to read; designs that are different than most, yet very effective.

Giving You the Edge